Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Books from your Childhood

Welcome to the first top 5 Tuesday of March! It feels like February lasted for approximately four days, but here we are.

Top 5 Tuesday was started by Shanah at Bionic Book Worm and is now hosted by Meeghan at MeeghanReads. In this post I’ll be sharing five of my favourite book series that I read way back in elementary school. Plenty of series came to mind but I narrowed it down to the following ones because I wanted the choices to be evenly distributed between my (later) childhood years. This post was so fun to make and I hope it sparks some happy memories for anyone who reads this.

Grade 3 – The Secrets of Droon

Tony Abbot started The Secrets of Droon in 1999 and concluded it 44 books and 11 years later! I remember starting to really like reading in grade 2, but now that I think about it, this was the series that turned me into a bookworm.

Grade 4 – The Specialists

I loved anything to do with espionage as a kid and man did this series make me wish I could be a spy.

I just found out through Goodreads that Shannon Greenland added a fifth instalment to the series four years after the fourth book came out! I’m bummed I never got to read it, but I bet it was great.

Grade 5 – Camp Confidential

This was the perfect series about friendship. I spent a lot of time with these books and I’m glad they were part of my childhood!

Grade 6 – The 39 Clues

You can’t tell me this wasn’t the coolest series ever. The concept behind the books was awesome and the fact that they created collectible cards and an online game with prizes to go with them made it even more special. Spoiler, I never won anything, but I still had fun.

Grade 6/7: The Clique (series)

I will never forget about The Clique and the mean girl antics of Massie Block and her crew. The best part is how relevant it still is on Twitter amongst people my age. Search “the clique books” for some tweets that will make you laugh.

Do you recognize any of these?Let me know what your childhood favourites were!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Books from your Childhood”

  1. Ooh so: Harry Potter, duh (counting it as one);
    George’s Marvellous Medicine, Roald Dahl;
    Lola Rose, Jacqueline Wilson;
    David Cooperfield, Charles Dickens;

    (And I can’t remember whether there were other standouts from “elementary” so jumping to high school, age 12:)
    Misery, Stephen King (which kicked off a King obsession that lasted years).

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