August Wrap Up and Mini Book Review

Welcome back! I’ve been on an unintentional break from blogging because I started a full-time job. I’m adjusting to a new routine and have a lot less free time than in the summer. I fully expected to have this up at least 10 days ago, but here we are. Summer is coming to a close, but I am going to live in denial for the next week because I’m not ready for that. Summer is over and the amount of rain on the forecast is ruining me. Rain makes me want to stay inside all day, but that’s not how life works. Now let’s get into what I read last month before October gets here!

I started August off strong with The Giver of Stars, but then my progress came to a halt after that. I wasn’t sure that I would manage to read more than two books for the whole month and I’m not going to lie, I was panicking a little. I managed to squeeze in two more books at the end of the month and one audiobook.

Books read

Queen of the Conquered | 4.5 stars | review | one sentence review (osr): Brilliant and timely fantasy crossed with historical fiction!

Leap of Faith | 4 stars | review below

The Giver of Stars | 4 stars | review | osr: Beautiful historical fiction about the Packhorse Librarians focusing on friendship, love, and betrayal.

The Other Americans | 3.5 stars | review | osr: A poignant story about the suspicious death of a Moroccan immigrant and how a small-town deals with the aftermath.

The Switch (audiobook) | 2 stars | review coming soon | osr: I’ve never met a rom-com that I didn’t like, until this one.

Side note: I started Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and I dnf’d it around 100 pages in.


Average rating: 3.6 stars

Pages read: 1.3K

5 star books – 0

4 star books – 3 (1 4.5 & 2 4.0)

3 star books – 1 (3.5)

2 star books – 1

Mini Review: Leap of Faith

I read this book to fulfill the Popsugar reading challenge prompt: A book by a blogger, vlogger, YouTube video creator, or other online personality.

If you’ve watched the Netflix show Love is Blind you might recognize the two faces on the cover of Leap of Faith. Cameron and Lauren were hands down my favourite couple on the show. If you haven’t heard about Love is Blind, it’s a social experiment where strangers date each other and get engaged all without ever seeing each other. The purpose is to focus on genuine connection rather than physical attraction. To the producers’ surprise, the experiment was a huge success and four couples got engaged on the show.


  • The book gives background on where Cameron and Lauren were at in their lives before joining the show and how they ended up deciding to go on. They had both gotten out of long-term relationships and quite literally took a leap of faith by taking part in the show
  • Getting an inside scoop on their relationship after the show
  • How cute they are! Their love seems really genuine and by them explaining why their past relationships didn’t work and how they knew that their connection was it made me believe them.
  • Their advice about limiting alcohol on first dates and when you’re getting to know someone in general! I agree!


  • Most of their relationship advice is common sense
  • It felt like Cameron was putting himself up on a pedestal when he was writing about himself
  • They are vague about the challenges they face in their relationship. I wanted to see a little bit of drama! They describe one of the difficulties they overcame as a couple when they were on the show, but it’s written about in a way that makes everything seem easy and perfect.


I finished this in one day because it was so addictive. If you’re looking for a sign that real love exists, you should check this out. It’s definitely more enjoyable if you’ve seen Love is Blind first though.

Rating: 4/5

Goals Update

  • Read seven books
  • Read 1 audiobook
  • Follow five new blogs
  • Re-organize my blog, create categories (reviews, tags, wrap ups, etc.)
  • Publish my tag

I didn’t read seven books, but I finally listened to an audiobook for the first time. The experience did not go great; I’ll go over that in the near future. I’m happy that I followed six new blogs because it’s always great to expand my circle here. I didn’t re-organize my blog, but it wasn’t an urgent goal, so I’ll revisit that this month. Lastly, my tag needs a little bit more work, so I’m not sure when I’ll post it.

September life updates:

  • I read Beach Read by Emily Henry and I loved it even more than People We Meet on Vacation
  • I went swimming for the first time in 2 years!
  • I started Money Heist season one (I know I’m so late to this)
  • I can’t stop listening to Kanye’s new album Donda and J Balvin’s album Jose
  • I’ve caught some really nice sunrises before work and it makes me so happy

Thanks for reading and I hope your September has been going well!

What was your favourite read from August? Do you have any thoughts about the books I read? What are you looking forward to reading this fall?

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