Let’s Talk Bookish: How Do You Create Bookish Content?

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion. Today’s topic was suggested by Rukky. The topic is: how do you create bookish content? This is a great discussion topic because there are tons of ways to create bookish content, so I’m sure there’s going to be a variety of answers to this.

Now, let’s Talk!

What’s your posting process? Do you write posts based on spontaneous ideas or do you follow a schedule of topics?

I love being a part of the book blogging community and I come on here everyday. I’m always thinking about posting, writing a post or editing one! I owe it to all the extra free time this pandemic has given me, so I’m taking advantage of it while I can.

I started Gemini Book Nook less than three months ago so I still feel like a total newbie. In the beginning I was posting three times a week, but now I post twice. I felt like because my posts were too close together some of them were getting buried, which is why I’ve slowed down.

Up until this month I was posting spontaneously. For May, I made a reading schedule and I’ve let that guide when and what I post. I always start writing my posts a few days in advance so I don’t feel rushed. Also, I’m not sure why but I can’t seem to get the schedule feature to work. This brings me to my worst habit, forgetting to change my post settings to “publish immediately” and having my post get pushed way back in the timeline.

I don’t have a set schedule such as x number of one type of post and x number of another type per week. So far I’ve been focusing on book reviews and keeping my eye out for weekly memes that I can participate in. I’m even having a hard time deciding if I want to stick to set posting days. I consider myself to be both organized and spontaneous!

How do you decide what and what not to post?

Originally, I thought that I would just write book reviews for all of the books I picked out to read for the Popsugar Reading Challenge. How that’s going could be a whole other blog post! But TL;DR I keep accidentally straying from my reading list, oops.

I try to post reviews for books that have been published somewhat recently, but also bring attention to hidden gems that deserve more recognition.  I also love doing tags and I’ll be posting another one next week!

As for what not to post, my rule is, if the shoe fits I’ll wear it. For example, if I see a top five or top ten post where I can’t think of enough books to fill a list, I won’t force myself to make a post.

Do you tailor your posts based on reader interaction/views, or do you just focus on what you want to talk about?

I’d like to tailor my posts to what I think you guys like, but it’s a little difficult because I don’t think I have enough data. When a post does or doesn’t get a lot of views I wonder if it was influenced by what I posted, the day I posted it on or the time. So I’m still experimenting and trying to find my way!

I’ve always been a bookworm, but since I started book blogging, I’ve been reading more than ever. The good news is that I have a newfound understanding of what kind of books I like and dislike. Going forward, you can expect to see more of a focus on romance, mystery & thriller, and historical fiction, but sometimes other things catch my eye, I can’t help it.

What kind of posts do you most enjoy making? What posts do you most enjoy reading? Do you make your posts spontaneously or do you prefer to plan ahead?

11 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: How Do You Create Bookish Content?”

  1. I tend to post most days, but that’s because I join in with 4 memes a week (sometimes 5), with book reviews filling the other days. I loved this line ” For example, if I see a top five or top ten post where I can’t think of enough books to fill a list, I won’t force myself to make a post.” I stopped joining in with those type of posts because I DID force myself to find those 10 books, and that created unnecessary stress!. However I think I will use them in future (with credit given to the blog) as inspiration for more of a chatty post.

    I love the LTB meme, along with Friday Book Blogger Hop, as these are both discussion type posts. I find that I enjoy visiting all the linked up blogs and reading their answers too much more than I enjoy reading a “top 5” post.

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    1. Right! Unnecessary stress is never fun, I caught myself doing it a couple times (spent forever scrolling goodreads) but then I would decide not to post, so it was just a waste of time!

      I haven’t heard of the Friday Book Blogger Hop, I’ll have to check it out! I love to discuss all things bookish, and I agree, seeing what other people have to say makes it all the more fun 😊

      Thanks for stopping by!💞

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  2. I’ve been posting frequently because of my NetGalley commitments but I’m planning to take a step back from the site mid-June so I can read some other things and give myself a posting break haha. I know publishers like to see super active blogs but posting every day would be so hard I feel. Also, one of the reasons I don’t do the Top 10 Tuesday meme and instead do Top 5 Tuesday is that I don’t think I’ll ever have 10 picks for any topic so I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been consistently posting since the end of February but I still feel like a total newbie too, Ariel. You are not alone! (Also I love your graphic for this post, it’s so cute! 😊) I love the idea of “hidden gems” for reviews. Personally, I like checking out every review I see that comes across my feed because I’m always finding new books to add to my TBR.

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    1. A break every so often sounds like a good idea! I feel like posting everyday would be not only overwhelming for us but for our followers too?? Exactly, ten is a lot! I’ve only done one so far. It’s easier to do them when you only have to look for something on the cover or in the title instead of picking books based on the plot or characters. Cheers to being newbies!🥂Thank you!! Making graphics is so fun. Me too, I especially like to check out books I haven’t heard of and I like seeing which books people unhaul from their TBRs.

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      1. I agree! I think it’d be overwhelming for followers too, especially if you’re signed up for emails haha. But I see quite a few NetGalley publishers who say they like to see posting every day. 😩 I really like reading the Top 10 Tuesdays that are more on the creative side like you described with the titles or covers. I can definitely see why those would be easier to fulfill. Unhauls, yes! I recently went through my physical books and have purged some that I’ve lost interest in reading. I like to read other people’s reasoning about why they’re dropping a book. 😊

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  3. Happy three months! While posting spontaneously can be a lot of fun and keep your blog relevant, I find that scheduling can really help you stay on track. It lets readers know when to expect posts from you and ensures that your blog is always active!!

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